June 28, 2019

Interview: Bumbee Labs showcasing their technology at KMD19

Bumbee Labs is one of our Supporting Partners – and they were with us on Kista Mobility Day to showcase their technology. Their innovative solutions in geolocation data, indoor navigation, visit flow data could be of great use for the development of smart mobility in our cities. If we can understand how people move, we are able to plan our cities accordingly.

We had a quick chat with Karl Samuelsson, CEO of Bumbee Labs, about their participation in the event.

How was your experience of Kista Mobility Day?

I think it was a great experience! A well-planed day that really highlighted and above all showed what we were there to talk about. The visitors were very initiated.

Was it a good opportunity to showcase what you are doing?

Yes – very much so! We had several substantial possibilities for collaborations initiated during the day, and right now we are in the midst of following up these leads.

Was it a good opportunity for networking?

Yes. It’s not easy for an organizer to create a good space for showcasing companies like us, but in this case, everything worked out great.

How do you view Urban ICT Arena as a co-creation arena?

For us it’s very positive and it has given us a lot of possibilities for collaborations with different companies. It has also helped us to establish ourselves in the industry.

And finally – are you interested in participating in similar events in the future?


Read more about Bumbee Labs over at their website.

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