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This is where innovative companies, academia and the public sector meet to create the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

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Welcome to tomorrow.

Located in Kista Science City, one of the world’s leading ICT-clusters, we are an arena for creating, testing and showing the solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable cities.



We facilitate tests and projects in an actual urban environment. With the help our partners we provide testbeds with a wide array of digital infrastructure available for your applications and devices.



We like to spread the word about the innovative companies we are working with. Kista Science City is a showroom for smart city solutions. Each year, hundreds of delegates come here from all over the world to experience it first-hand.



Collaboration is how we make it happen. We bring together academia, public sector and business to create smart solutions for tomorrow’s cities. Today.

Urban Mobility

How people move in the city is changing through technology, connectivity and AI. We are working strategically with different partners in urban mobility projects.


Our cities are becoming connected. We can help you test smart city applications in a real urban environment.

The latest

How sensors can make regular waste containers smart

How sensors can make regular waste containers smart

Norrsidans Innovation provides an IoT solution for smart waste management. After working on a prototype at Södertälje Science Park and using the testbed at Urban ICT Arena, they are now ready for the next step. Today waste containers in cities are emptied according to...

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Finding common ground for drones in the Nordics

Finding common ground for drones in the Nordics

What role will drones play in the Nordic countries? What set of local challenges lays ahead? The work within the Nordic Drone Initiative (NDI) continues. Kista Science City and Urban ICT Arena announced our partnership with other Nordic clusters back in September. The...

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We like innovative ideas. Our testbed is ideal for testing smart city applications. We can also assist in making the right connections, facilitate and opening doors.