Urban Mobility

We are working strategically with different partners in urban mobility projects.

Finding new ways forward

Our cities are constantly in motion. The way people and goods are moving in cities are changing, and smart digital transportation solutions are necessary to make our cities more sustainable. The connected city is the first step to Mobility as a Service, where citizens and the business community can prosper, when new on-demand solutions in 5G paves the way into a simpler, cleaner, sustainable society.

Urban ICT Arena explores the possibilities of autonomous and connected vehicles in cooperation with our partners. We believe that Kista is the ideal spot for testing and showcasing new mobility solutions – with a large working population, all kinds of public transport and an extensive road network.


Our partnerships with the City of Stockholm and various research institutions – and our outstanding testbed opportunities – are important success factors to our projects. Today’s project areas include autonomous vehicles, traffic control, parking solutions and drones (UAM).

Do you have solutions for the transportations of the future today? Perhaps your company has the key to revolutionize how mobility is considered? Let’s get in touch!



Testing in smaller scale yields valuable proofs of concepts, gives crucial insights that can be used to scale up Smart City mobility solutions.



Are you looking for a place to showcase your mobility solutions? By showcasing new mobility products in the streets, you will get insights from the citizens, who will be the everyday users.



When different actors collaborate in complex mobility projects, new partnerships will be identified that enables new business opportunities.


What makes it possible

The backbone of our testbed is the fiber stations. Along the street Kistagången, we have 15 different access points to a dark fiber network, provided by Stokab. These access points typically consist of a “hardware box” where network access and electricity is available, as well as a place to put the actual sensors, such a light pole or a bus stop.


5G Ride

Connecting autonomous vehicles to demonstrate safe monitoring with 5G and to enable improved public transport.


A pilot project in 2020 where connected vehicles will act as a extension of public transit, with focus on user experience and changing attitudes.


The first self-driving bus in regular service in Sweden was tested in Kista. For 6 months, the bus drove on the streets of Kista, acting as a proof of concept.

Kista Mobility Day

Kista Mobility Day is a yearly opportunity to get a glimpse of – and contribute to –  the future of mobility. In 2019 we focused on autonomous vehicles and 5G on the streets of Kista.

Stockholm UAM Lab

How can drones contribute to solving city challenges? There are several areas where drones can provide more effective solutions to problems faced in urban areas.

Nordic Drone Initiative

Together with other innovation clusters in the Nordics, Urban ICT Arena is founding the Nordic Drone Initiative. This project will strengthen the ties between the different clusters and help companies working with drones to learn from neighbors and form new alliances.


Spacial Modelling Analytics & Real-time Tracking. Creating more effective traffic planning, with focus on public transport, through sensors, data and AI.


We are constantly looking for new partners and opportunities. Do you have an idea, a product or a relevant project?