DELTA is a pilot project in Kista Science City, organized by Urban ICT Arena, Ericsson, Intel, Keolis and Telia.

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“Last mile” public transport in Kista

The project DELTA explored the possibilites of on demand last mile-solutions as a part of public transport. The electric cars took riders from door to door and connected public transit hubs with destinations within Kista.

The users was able to download an app and then connect with one of the vehicles in Kista. Both the business district (“Kista Science City”) and the residental area was included in the first stage of testing.

Starting point: User Experience

Within DELTA, we focused on the user experience in its entirety to investigate and evaluate customer experience with this unique service in order to find out what attributes the service needs to provide to become attractive to the target groups – in other words, what criteria it needs to fulfil in order for customers to choose it over other first/last mile mobility solutions (micromobility) and private cars.

Testing period

The pilot was launched during autumn in 2020 and continued until early December. The project was funded by Drive Sweden and Vinnova.


Project period



Urban ICT Arena

Contact information

Eleonor Sjödin Turah


The project DELTA will explore the possibilites of ridesharing as a part of public transport. The project will be centered around Kista in northern Stockholm and offer ridesharing "last mile" vehicles free of charge to users in the area.