November 5, 2020

Stockholm University and Rinkeby-Kista collaborating on RPA

November 5, 2020

Stockholm University and Rinkeby-Kista collaborating on RPA

The Department of Computer and System Sciences (DSV) of Stockholm University and the Rinkeby-Kista district administration have entered a collaboration on robotic process automation (RPA). During the next few months, students at DSV will be working on user cases from the district administration and apply their knowledge to solve administrative tasks from HR, economy and IT.

The collaboration is a result of a meeting at a seminar on RPA a while back, where representatives from Stockholm University and Rinkeby-Kista started exchanging experiences and challenges facing them. Led by professor Gustaf Juell-Skielse, the students will now take on the task of solving repetitive administrative tasks in a more efficient way for the district administration.

Stockholm University and the City of Stockholm, of which the district administration in Rinkeby-Kista is a part, are both founding partners of Kista Science City and the Urban ICT Arena. They are also very close neighbours in the physical environment, with offices in neighbouring buildings in Kista.

Dina Abu-Alata and Sofia Karlsson are looking forward to the assignment. 

The students are looking forward to being able to use their skills and knowledge acquired over the last two and a half years on the programme.

– This is a great opportunity to put all the thing we’ve learned together into a whole and apply it to a practical problem, said Dina Abu-Alata, on of the students.

– I’m also looking forward to see the challenges in a practical setting and to see why RPA isn’t applied more widely in the workplace yet, her teammate Sofia Karlsson added.

Linus Andersson and Samuel Bornälv are eager to get practical experience they might put on their resumes.

Another advantage of the collaboration is the opportunity for the students to solve a very real challenge, something they will be able to take advantage of in many ways.

– Having to solve a real case instead of something that was created in order to teach you one specific solution makes you want to give your best in an entirely new way, more like a real client to work for, says student Lucas Andersson.

– This is an opportunity not only to show what you’ve got, but it will be something to put on your resume, which will most likely make it easier to get a job when you graduate, his teammate Samuel Bornälv added.

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