April 21, 2020

The company that will make you rethink road bumps

April 21, 2020

The company that will make you rethink road bumps

You might think of a road bump as – well – a bump. Edeva, the latest partner to Urban ICT Arena, will make you reconsider this. Their product, the Actibump, is a smarter speed hindrance.

If a driver is driving faster than the legal speed limit over an Actibump, a hatch integrated into the road will be lowered a few centimetres. Enough to make the speeder slow down, but moderate enough to not damage the vehicle.

This solution has a big advantage over regular road bumps – traffic flow. David Eskilsson, CEO, explains further:

– Since the Actibump only activates for speeders, no vehicle type needs to slow down far below the speed limit. They can all drive at the speed limit, which leads to a more continuous traffic flow with less noise and lower emissions, but still at a safe speed.


Contributing to smarter and more sustainable cities

The Actibump is also good news for public transport. Regular speed bumps mean a compromise between traffic safety for pedestrians and accessibility for buses. The Actibump achieve both a comfortable bus ride and enables safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Actibump is controlled and monitored by a software platform called EdevaLive. Through this platform, Edeva can also gather data which will help inform cities and municipalities of traffic flow and vehicle types.

– Using the data collected by the Actibump and EdevaLive system the city gets an instant follow-up of their traffic situation and any changes they make, says David.

Market introduction in Stockholm

There are already 50 units installed in Sweden and 7 in Perth, Australia. Stockholm is next in line, where the Actibump will be installed at several locations. After that, Norway, Holland and France await.

– To get our product and services to new markets we need local partners and early adopter customers in the public sector. This is what’s in our forecast, scaling internationally with focus on Europe, says David.

Joining Urban ICT Arena

As a new partner to Urban ICT Arena, Edeva’s products are currently on display in Washington D.C. as part of Mobility Expo. David Eskilsson is satisfied with the new partnership:

 – A testbed in the Stockholm region with focus on public sector is just what we need at this point. The network and people in Urban ICT Arena help us getting to know public sector in the Stockholm region. The Arena is also a good platform to meet other companies in the same segment.

– Besides Stockholm, Urban ICT Arena gives us the possibility to display our product and services to international audiences.

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